Open Resolve Funds Management Pty Limited

Open Resolve Funds Management (Pty Limited) is a funds and asset management business, specialising in Australian grazing investments.  This is achieved through selectively implementing innovative regenerative land management practices, in partnership with sharegrazeries, to increase the capacity of grazing land for the long term benefit of investors and stakeholders.

Open Resolve Funds Management’s Mission

The Mission of Open Resolve Funds Management is to implement and operate large scale, innovative agricultural investment models which:

  • Purchases, develops and restores grazing properties in Australia’s rangelands, increasing their capacity and viability.
  • Is built on a platform of regenerative land management practices.
  • Delivers a strong management regime through the identification and engagement of experienced sharegraziers to operate in partnership with investors and the Open Resolve Funds Management team.
  • Provide attractive economic returns (income and capital) for all stakeholders, has a positive impact on the social fabric of rural communities and is underpinned by a strong governance platform.
  • Focuses on improving the health of our natural capital, importantly soils, and provides a solution to critical environmental issues facing agriculture.


Established in 2015, Open Resolve Funds Management is the holder of Australian Financial Services Licence: No.473786, and provides financial services to qualified wholesale investors.  Open Resolve Funds Management has significant specialised expertise in regenerative land management, livestock management, management of large scale grazing enterprises, implementation of large infrastructure programs for agricultural holdings, agricultural accountancy, partnership management and funds management.

Australian Outback Grazing

Australian Outback Grazing is a proposed signature Fund to be managed by Open Resolve Funds Management.  It is specifically designed for investors interested in regenerative lands management in Australia’s Rangelands.  For further information about the Australian Outback Grazing Fund contact us using the form below or email


The successful implementation of a large scale livestock operation incorporating regenerative land management principles
requires a unique management approach and a different skill set to traditional grazing management. Regenerative graziers generally have a family farming background, they are business owners and innovators who are constantly looking for better ways to improve landscape capacity and business profitability.

Open Resolve Funds Management has identified talented and successful graziers who are experienced in the transformative management style of regenerative land management and who are willing to partner with investors in Australian Outback Grazing
to manage and operate the Fund assets. These sharegraziers bring high levels of innovation, passion and a desire to grow the partnership business that will be intrinsically linked to the success of Australian Outback Grazing.

The proposed Australian Outback Grazing model provides a significant incentive to attract and retain the country’s best regenerative land managers and livestock producers while aligning the interest of sharegraziers and investors. Strategies have been developed to ensure continuity of operations through recruitment and training of future sharegraziers as a pathway for young farmers and to ensure business continuity and resilience.

For more infomation about Open Resolve Funds Management Pty Ltd, or how we can help you, please contact us on the following details, or simply fill in the contact form.

Address: PO Box 717, Freshwater, NSW, 2096

Phone: 0447 757 088 or 0408 651 275