Australian Outback Grazing

Australian Outback Grazing is Open Resolve Funds Management’s proposed initial investment offering.

This is a proposed agricultural investment that focuses on tapping into the under-utilised potential of Australia’s extensive pastoral zone. The opportunity for investors is delivered through implementing an alternate management model, with a strong focus on regenerative land management practices. This unique focus targets strong financial returns, with the added benefits of positive environmental and social impact.

Investors will own aggregations of grazing land in the pastoral zone of NSW and Queensland.  Grazing operations will be managed under an innovative partnership model, focusing specifically on increasing productivity and profitability. Lead by specialist Australian family farmers, and guided by the Fund manager (Open Resolve Funds Management), the partnership’s regenerative approach is designed to increase livestock carrying capacity and performance over the long term, creating enhanced returns, in comparison to traditionally managed grazing businesses.

The Australian Outback Grazing model is designed to deliver triple bottom line outcomes. It recognises that higher than average profits, increased certainty, continuity of production, and sustainable wealth generation, are not possible without improving the health of the land.  To achieve this goal, an alternate approach is needed. Australian Outback Grazing adopts the principles of regenerative land management as the foundation for the change in management needed to achieve these outcomes.

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