Open Resolve Funds Management recognises the value of robust corporate governance.  The Board of Directors of Open Resolve Funds Management is responsible for the company’s overall corporate governance including development and adoption of systems, policies and procedures that are designed to ensure the company and its funds are managed to protect and enhance investor and stakeholder interests.

The Board has developed a framework for managing the company and third party funds that include internal controls and risk management procedures designed to meet the demands of the company operations.

Open Resolve Funds Management is committed to strong governance and rigorous management procedures designed minimise risk and enhance stakeholder outcomes.  The Company has developed a Compliance suite of systems, policies and procedures designed as the framework of good governance.  The suite is divided into 3 sections –

  • Corporate Governance,
  • Finance and
  • Property and Operations.

Potential investors interested in more detail regarding our compliance procedures should contact us via the contact form below.

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Phone: 0447 757 088 or 0408 651 275